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All goods scented with 100% organic dried flower


Blankets infused with 150 grams of dried lavender


Scrunchies infused with lavender, eucalyptus & mint

Therapeutic goods infused with dried flowers.

NO chemicals. NO additives. JUST dried flowers ⚘

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Essential Blanket Testimonials

Smells absolutely wonderful, slept like a baby every time. Everyone needs this blanket.


I have chronic pain and lots of trouble sleeping. Not only does my bedroom smell like lavender I am sleeping better and staying asleep longer with my weighted blanket. It does not make me hotter like some others do. Thank you!


wow!! I love this thing so much!! I can not image sleeping without it as it is truly that majestic and comfortable!!


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Why did we choose lavender for the first essential blanket?

Sleep Latency

Studies have shown that lavender can decrease the time is takes to fall asleep and increase deep sleep throughout the night.

Natural Antiseptic

Lavender is a natural antiseptic which prevents the growth of micro-organisms aka bacteria which makes it perfect for linens.


It smells incredible and acts as a natural air freshener for any room. 💜

The Essential Blanket | 5lb Lavender-Infused Weighted Blanket for Kids

Brand new

Lavender-infused Weighted Blanket for Kids

We created a 5lb lavender-infused weighted blanket for kids who have sensory processing disorders. 30 day refund guaranteed!

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